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elizabby's Journal

Hi! I've been a member of LJ for a while, but I have another blog so I don't write in my journal here. I like cycling and menstrual cups (if you know what I'm talking about you'll see the connection). I am a relatively new convert to Christianity (Anglican) married to an atheist from a Greek Orthodox family. I am a doctor (paediatrician) and a theology student (Church of Christ Theological College). I am interested in philosophy, ethics and religion. I am the mother of three little girls, wife of a doctor (surgeon) and budding writer! I have recently discovered writing fan-fiction for Star Trek (Voyager) and House.

Since I am in Melbourne (Down Under) don't expect to see my replies to posts immediately, but I'll be back if you can be patient!

And to reflect my new found Star Trek Voyager fangirl status: